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Raja Nong Chik daripada pandangan bloggers-bloggers ternama (Bahagian 1)

Aku terlalu sibuk dalam 2-3 minggu yang lepas, jadi tak sempat nak update blog ini mahupun membaca blog-blog on the web. Sepertimana biasa, bila terbuka semula peluang, hentian pertama selain Malaysiakini dan The Malaysian Insider ialah rockysbru. Dalam menelusuri blog rockys bru ini, terjumpa pulak artikel rocky yang menceritakan mengenai Dinner bersama Bloggers iaitu satu program Datuk raja nong chik.

Apalah aku ni, nama blog prorajanongchik, tapi aktiviti pun tak tau. Mana taknya, nak baca paper pun tak sempat.

Aku pun klik lah semua link yang berkenaan, membaca review dinner tersebut oleh bloggers-bloggers yang hadir. Menarik kerana selain rocky yang berat kepada UMNO dan BN, bloggers-bloggers lain ramai yang boleh dikategorikan sebagai antara bloggers Pakatan Rakyat.

Bloggers yang hadir ialah seperti berikut:-

1. Rocky (ahiruddin atan) – Blog -- http://rockybru.com.my – Politik (berat UMNO/BN)
2. desiderata (YL Chong) – Blog -- http://www.desiderata2000.blogspot.com (sekarang PKR, dulu DAP)
3. P Kamalanathan – Blog -- http://www.pkamalanathan.blogspot.com/ - Politik (MIC)
4. ct choo – de minimis (http://ctchoolaw.blogspot.com) – Politik (PKR)
5. Syed Akbar Ali – Blog -- http://syedsoutsidethebox.blogspot.com – Politik (UMNO/BN)
6. Eric Woon – Blog – http://iamamalaysian.wordpress.com – Politik (PKR)
7. A Voice – Blog -- http://anotherbrickinwall.blogspot.com – Politik (UMNO)
8. Nuraina Samad – Blog -- http://www.nursamad.blogspot.com – Politik (Neutral)
9. Shankar -- http://donplaypuks.blogspot.com – Politik (PKR)

Yang menariknya ialah membaca blog kesemua bloggers-bloggers ternama itu mengenai dinner tersebut.

Berikut aku copy paste kan secara bersiri kesemua blog post mengenai dinner dengan Raja Nong Chik.

1. Eric Woon -- http://iamamalaysian.wordpress.com/2009/06/12/dato-raja-nong-chik-ft-minister-whos-a-man-on-a-mission/

Raja Nong Chik: FT Minister who’s a man on a mission

i was one of the bloggers privileged to be part of a group who had been invited to have a “get-to-know-you” dinner with the new Federal Territory Minister, Datuk Raja Nong Chik and his wife on Wednesday evening, 10 May 2009.

rncDatuk came across as a down-to-earth man with none of the airs that are normally associated with most VIPs and the wannabes. He came without bodyguards and dressed in normal office garb much like the common office manager minus the “colonialist leash” we have all been patted down to accept through the generations as a neck-tie. His ministerialship it seems is one that had been thrusted upon him though he would have been happy to continue as a grassroot leader for Lembah Pantai and as an active NGO member on steroids.

Whether he likes it or not, Datuk has a job to do and that is to make Kuala Lumpur a truly beloved home to its millions of rakyat and a continuing successful tourist-destination for the holidaying millions.

The latter task is almost a given and the visitors will come as KL is considered a reasonably inexpensive destination with all its inclusive “Truly Asia” attractions and whatever the slogan embodies. The attrition would likely be a result of the global financial crisis and the drop of visitors, should there be any, can hardly be attributed to Datuk’s fault.

As i see it, Datuk’s job is already cut out for him in his former task (besides having also to look into the affairs of Putrajaya and Labuan) though he is not wholly on unfamiliar grounds. In his own words, “In my NGO days, I have had the benefit of shuttling (reads being pushed around) up and down DBKL headquarters no less than 200 times and I know what it is like to deal with this local authority.”

KL is a hot potato and whether one likes to admit it or not the “love-hate” relationship of its inhabitants and business entities with the city has more to do with what DBKL do or not do. This section of the civil service that’s 12,000 strong has been notorious for its bully, inertia and free-wheelings-and-dealings. The warlords ensconced in the multi-storeyed, electronic video-walled building in Jalan Raja Laut and the branches dotted throughout the metropolis are powers unto themselves. They do not see themselves as servants of the public but rather as lorders of them. Worse still, they care not a hoot whether their actions or inactions will have any kind of influence on how the electorate in this bustling city will caste their votes in a general election that will have a decisive bearing on who the government of the day will be. As long as they hold the mentality that ‘politicians come and go and we are here to stay’ speaks more of personal vested interests rather than nation-building.

i get the feeling that the Federal Minister’s job will not be an easy one as long as the status quo of the loathsome local authority is going to be reviewed. But i still wish for Datuk to be able to overcome his hurdles and prove to KL-ites that there’s a serious administrator who cares as much as them when it comes to delivery, transparency and accountability.

The good thing is Datuk Raja Nong Chik has an equally-minded Datuk Bandar, so i am told, in the like of Dato’ Ahmad Fuad Ismail to help him with his mission.

i certainly want the FT Minister to succeed but at the back of my mind i can’t seem to shake off this feeling that Datuk’s Achilles Heel may very well be the same local authority, Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur, which he is trying his benevolent best to “turn around” with the help of Datuk Bandar.”

Ini dari seorang blogger penyokong PKR dan Pakatan Rakyat. Nampknya ini sesuatu yg positif untuk UMNO dan Barisan bila mereka boleh menulis yang elok tentang Raja Nong Chik sedangkan tak ada paksaan pun depa menulis sedemikian, betul tak?

Nanti Bahagian 2. Tak sempat lah pulah nak copy paste yg lain. mengantuk dah ni, nak tidur.

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