Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Raja Nong Chik terangkan anggaran kerugian 100 juta ekoran tunjuk perasaan

Semua pun kecoh lah bila Raja Nong Chik anggarkan kerugian mencecah 100-200 juta. Yg pasal org susah nak berniaga, jualan turun, org datang dr jauh semata-mata nak beli persiapan kahwin tapi tk dapat sebab kedai tutup, itu semua para pendemonstran tak peduli. Peduli apa org susah. Bagi PR agaknya, sapa yg tak join demonstrasi mereka bukan rakyat agaknya.

Ini jawapan Raja Nong Chik tentang anggaran 100 juta beliau yg cuba dijadikan isu.

FEDERAL Territories Minister Datuk Raja Nong Chik Raja Zainal Abidin yesterday clarified that his estimate of between RM100 million and RM200 million losses due to Saturday’s anti-ISA demonstration was not merely referring to immediate business losses suffered by the traders and big department stores but also took into consideration the potential drop in the tourist dollar, as well as loss in investments.

Raja Nong Chik told Malay Mail: “I was referring to the overall loss to the country. The demonstration was highlighted all over the world and this would serve to hinder future investments.

“We are trying to promote Malaysia as an investment centre for property and for international companies to set up headquarters here. But many corporations may rather go to Singapore now although it is more expensive because it is safer.

“As it is, tourist arrivals have dropped 50 per cent. This should have been the best time to encourage Middle Eastern tourists to come to Kuala Lumpur in view of the coming month of Ramadan and Hari Raya Aidilfitri.

This will affect the arrivals of not just international tourists but locals as well.

“Of course, immediate business losses on that day alone would not have amounted to that much but probably around RM5 (million) to RM10million,” he said.

As for allegations that many traders would not have had to close shop or incur damage if the police had not used water cannons and tear gas, the FT Minister said: “If they (demonstrators) had not instigated the police or fire department, maybe this would not have happened. I am sure there was some instigation. I am not trying to defend anyone but you cannot just blame one side for it, probably both sides.”

He added that the demonstration would not have been featured internationally had it not been an active demonstration.

“In fact, the government had more to lose by this if it got out of hand and things shown on television were not good, while the Opposition gained a lot of mileage from this coverage,” he said.

As for the exact losses suffered at the affected locations, Raja Nong Chik said he had asked his officers to meet traders to assess damage as well as ask traders to submit their estimated losses.

“Give me a week,” he said.

(Malay Mail)

Apa pun kita sokong raja nong chik sebab kena bgtau sikit bodoh-bodoh ni yg buat kerja tak pikir org lain. Agaknya depa semua org senang makan gaji yg cuti hari Sabtu jadi boleh buat kecoh kat tempat lain.


  1. salam sdr

    ini pun mereka yang trun berdemo haram kata sebab polislah keadaan huru hara berlaku ...

    dia orang ni kata apa pun tak akan mengaku... dah jenis manusia tak terima kesalahan sendiri...

    menyusahkan rakyat yang cintakan keamanan sahaja..


  2. I beg to differ.